Admission Test

ITC is conducting an aptitude test for admission in Fashion Design – Associate Degree (2 years) and Fashion Design – Bachelor’s Program (4 Years). The aim of this test is to assess the applicant’s potential and measure if he/she will be a good fit to study Fashion Design.

All applicants are required to give the test once they have submitted the online application form.

The test consists of three sections;

  • Drawing

Candidates will be provided with a drawing board, pencil, eraser and paper.

Candidates will be provided with exam sheets and a pen.

Candidates will be provided with exam sheets and a pen.

Total time allowed for the test is 2 hrs.

Please bring water bottles with you.

Section 1- Drawing Test (50%)

Duration 50 minutes

A simple still life comprising of one or two objects will be placed in front of you. You will need to observe it and render a freehand drawing of the objects. You will be required to shade at least one object in detail.

Make sure you:

  • Utilize the paper and do not reduce the size of the drawing thereby make it too small in terms of the scale of the paper. Size of drawing reflects confidence with which the student is taking on the task.
  • Take 30 minutes to draw the objects; keeping in mind the space, measurements and proportion of the objects placed next to each other.
  • Shade any one object in detail. If you have extra time left, please proceed to shade other objects too. There will be no negative marking for only completing the shading of one object only.
  • Do not draw the full table (or box) on which the objects are placed. Just the surface of the table/box will suffice.

BREAK – 10 minutes

Section 2- English (30%)

Duration: 30 minutes

  • Comprehension
  • Sentence Construction and Tenses

Section 3- General Knowledge (20%).

Duration: 30 minutes

This section will be based on the MCQ format with each question comprising 1 mark. If two answers are marked in one given MCQ the response will be canceled and no mark will be awarded against it.

Aptitude Test Fee is Rs.2000/- which must be paid before the test. Payment can be made on campus or via online bank transfer.

Admissions for Fall 2023 semester are now open.