Bhanbore/Chawkandi Trip Details

A trip to explore the ancient beauty of Chawkandi, the serenity of Bhanbore, and the tranquil Halajee Lake took place on November 17, 2023. The trip was designed as a co-curricular activity.

Chawkandi, with its ancient tombs and intricate carvings, provided students with a rich source of cultural and historical inspiration. Visiting Bhanbore and exploring the remnants of past civilizations, allowed students to gain a deeper understanding of heritage.  This direct interaction can contribute to a better understanding of material properties and potential applications in their design projects.

The serene and tranquil environments of Bhanbore and Halajee Lake offered a perfect backdrop for studying colors and textures found in nature. Observing the play of light on different surfaces, the natural color palettes, and the textures of plants and landscapes inspire students in their choice of color schemes and fabric textures.

Exposure to diverse cultural and historical settings stimulate creativity and contributes to the conceptual development of design projects. Students find inspiration for themes, motifs, or narratives in their work by immersing themselves in the unique stories and aesthetics of these ancient sites.

The natural beauty of Halajee Lake can be a source of inspiration for students to consider environmental and sustainable aspects in their designs. Observing the delicate balance of ecosystems and understanding the importance of preserving natural resources may influence students to incorporate eco-friendly practices into their work.

Group trips offer students a chance to bond, collaborate, and share ideas. Networking with peers, faculty, and locals can lead to future collaborations, providing a broader perspective and fostering a sense of community within the fashion and textile industry.

In summary, trips to explore historical and natural wonders can be a transformative experience for students, enhancing their creativity, cultural awareness, and practical skills. It allows them to connect theory with real-world experiences, fostering a holistic approach to design education

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